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Entitlements tab

The Entitlements tab in the Oracle section of SAM Core provides four different views:




The view lists all registered Oracle agreements.

You can add new agreements by selecting Add agreement in the upper-right corner of the view.


The view lists all registered Oracle orders.

An Oracle order includes a customer's entitlement details related to a specific Oracle purchase: amount of licenses, support status, associated maintenance agreements, product use rights, and more.

For an explanation of the statuses in the Completeness field of the Oracle order list, see Oracle order statuses.

You can add new orders by selecting Add an Oracle order in the upper-right corner of the view.

To view detailed information for a specific order, select the order row to go to the Oracle order detailed view.

License assignments

The view lists the license compliance status for all virtual machines, physical servers, and datacenters/clusters.

For an explanation of the license compliance statuses in the Status field of the list, see Oracle license compliance statuses.

You can assign licenses to your Oracle products via this view, see Assign Oracle licenses.

Auto assignments

The view lists all auto-assignment rules, if any.

To learn more about auto-assignment and how to configure auto-assignment rules, see Auto assign Oracle licenses.