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Microsoft CIDC

Inventory data in SAM Core on Snow Atlas can be exported as an initial step for generating a Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC) related to Microsoft products.


The Microsoft WorkSpace is a web-based analysis program designed for Microsoft Partners to manage their SAM engagements. Microsoft Partners upload inventory data to the WorkSpace using an input template called Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC).

The CIDC is an Excel file that consists of a set of tabs. On the first tab you find definitions and instructions provided by Microsoft on how to handle the file. The tabs that follow are intended to be completed with inventory data related to Microsoft products.

It is possible to export inventory data from SAM Core to pre-populate the Microsoft CIDC as an initial step for generating a CIDC. After the bulk part has been pre-populated, some additional manual input is required to verify and complete the CIDC.