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Manage user linking in Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to improve and manage linking of Adobe Creative Cloud users with Snow inventoried users in SAM Core.

Users are linked during the import of the Adobe Creative Cloud connector by matching the email addresses of Snow inventoried users with the Adobe user names from the Adobe Creative Cloud Portal. The best way to retain accurate user linking is to keep user email addresses up to date in the Adobe Creative Cloud portal.

Link users automatically with Active Directory user discovery

Automatic linking through the use of Active Directory user discovery brings additional value to the Adobe Creative Cloud feature.

  • Enable Active Directory user discovery in Snow Extender to collect user data from Active Directory. The collected data is used to generate user objects in SAM on Snow Atlas and link them to the users from Adobe Creative Cloud portal data. See Add Active Directory domains for instructions.

Bulk import email addresses

If Active Directory user discovery is not used, or if you need to change the email addresses for some users, you can import the email addresses manually.

  1. Create a list with the user names of the Snow inventoried users that you want to match with a corresponding Adobe Creative Cloud user.

    The Snow inventoried users are found in the All users report or in the List all users view.

  2. Add a column with the matching Adobe user name for each user.

  3. Import the data by updating the existing users according to Import data.

    At the Field mappings step, ensure that the Adobe user name field is mapped to the Email address field.

Edit email address

You can also edit the email address for a user manually, by entering the Adobe user name in E-mail for the user, see Manage users.