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Custom fields

Use the custom fields in SAM Core on Snow Atlas to store information or data that is not defined in the user interface by default.


You can use the custom fields to store information or data that needs to be managed but does not have a pre-defined entry in SAM Core. An unlimited number of custom fields can be created for the agreement, application, computer/mobile device, license, and user categories.


When you create a custom field, do not give it the same name as one of the standard fields which already exist in SAM Core. This can cause conflicts, for example, when importing data.

A custom field can be mandatory or not. If you decide to have it mandatory, you need to define a default value. The default value will be automatically added to new category items, as well as to existing items without a value in the custom field. For existing items that already have a value in the custom field, this information will not be overwritten. New items cannot be saved unless there is a value in all mandatory custom fields.

A custom field can be used as the basis for compliance calculations when using a custom compare value type as the metric. For more information, see Custom compare value types.