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Software Recognition Service

Software Recognition Service (SRS) is a service developed by Snow Software, which automatically identifies software in an IT environment. The SRS basically consists of a central database and an automated process for the identification of unrecognized software.

All subscribers of the SRS service have access to the central database, which includes rules for recognition of hundreds of thousands of software applications, ranging from commonly used commercial applications to freeware, games, file sharing clients, and poker clients. The number is steadily increasing as new applications constantly show up on the global market.

Based on the information from the SRS database, inventoried applications can be identified by name, manufacturer, version, and edition. In addition, if the application is installed as part of a product suite, this would also be detected, as well as upgrade and downgrade possibilities, if any.

Any unrecognized software is automatically sent to the Software Recognition Service Desk. The application is analyzed and identified, and the SRS database is updated with the new information. Up-to-date filtering rules for software identification are sent to all subscribers of the Software Recognition Service.