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Manage user linking in Microsoft 365

Learn how to manage linking of Microsoft 365 portal users with Snow inventoried users in SAM Core.

Link users automatically with Active Directory user discovery

Automatic linking through the use of Active Directory user discovery brings additional value to the Microsoft 365 feature.

  • Enable Active Directory user discovery in Snow Extender to collect user data from Active Directory. The collected data is used to generate user objects in SAM Core on Snow Atlas and link them to the users from Microsoft 365 portal data. See Add Active Directory domains for instructions.

Link users manually

For users that can not be automatically linked, manual linking is done based on suggested matches.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 navigation bar, select Link users.

    The Link users view appears.

  2. Select the Users to link tab, if it is not already shown.

    The list shows users that can be linked to a matching inventoried user. If you are satisfied with the suggestion, go to Step 4.

    If several matching users exist, chose which inventoried user to link to.

  3. To change the default suggestion, select another option in the Link options column.

    Mark as online only will not connect the user to an inventoried user account. Keep unlinked will move the user to the Unlinked users tab.

  4. Select Preview.

    A list with your selected link options is shown.

  5. To edit or delete a linking choice, use the icons on each row.

  6. Select Save to confirm the linking options.

  7. The Users to link tab is shown.

    If all users are linked, or if users are not yet inventoried, the list is empty, otherwise it shows the remaining suggestions for users to link.

Unlink users

A Microsoft 365 user that has been linked to an inventoried user, or marked as online only, can be unlinked.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 navigation bar, select Link users.

    The Link users view appears.

  2. Select the Linked users tab.

  3. Change option in the Link options column, for each user that you want to unlink.

    The change is updated immediately.

  4. Users that have been unlinked show up on the Unlinked users tab.

    Select Reload if they are not visible.