Link users

To get the most value out of the Microsoft 365 features in Snow License Manager, users gathered from the inventory sources and the Microsoft 365 portal users must be linked. The usage of on-premise applications, such as Microsoft 365 Pro Plus and Project or Visio Pro for Microsoft 365, can then be connected to the corresponding user and subscription plan.

To automatically detect license coverage of applications included in Microsoft 365, Snow License Manager users must be linked with Microsoft 365 users. Linking can be done automatically, in bulk, with or without using Active Directory user discovery. For users that could not be automatically linked, manual linking is done based on suggested matches.

Users can also be unlinked manually if there is an error or other reason.

Link users that were not automatically linked

  1. In the Microsoft 365 navigation bar, select Link users.

    The Link users view appears.

  2. Select the Users to link tab, if it is not already shown.

    The list shows users that can be linked to a matching inventoried user. If you are satisfied with the suggestion, go to Step 4.


    If several matching users exist, chose which inventoried user to link to.

  3. To change the default suggestion, select another option in the Link options column.

    Online user will mark the user as online only and not connect it to the inventoried user. Keep unlinked will move the user to the Unlinked users tab.

  4. Select Preview.

    A list with your selected link options is shown.

  5. To edit or delete a linking choice, use the icons on each row.

  6. Select Save to confirm the linking options.

The Users to link tab is shown. If all users are linked, or if users are not yet inventoried in Snow License Manager, the list is empty, otherwise it shows the remaining suggestions for users to link. All Microsoft 365 users that are linked to an inventoried user in Snow License Manager, or linked as Online user, can be viewed on the Linked users tab. Users selected as Keep unlinked can be viewed on the Unlinked users tab.

The Unmatched users tab shows users that do not have a match in the Snow License Manager inventory. They can be marked as Online user.

Link users automatically when using Active Directory user discovery

Enable Active Directory user discovery in the Snow Inventory Admin Console to link Snow License Manager users with Microsoft 365 users. The Active Directory data will then be used to match against the Microsoft 365 portal data. For more information on how to enable Active Directory user discovery, see the User Guide: Admin Console for Snow Inventory.

Users can also be linked automatically by matching of their Microsoft 365 User Principle Name (UPN) with either the email address of the inventoried user in Snow License Manager or by their UPN retrieved from Active Directory. In order to get the UPN automatically transferred from your Active Directory Discovery, you need to have Inventory Server 6.5.0 or later, and Snow License Manager 9.8.1 or later.

Link users automatically when not using Active Directory user discovery

  1. Find and export a list of Snow License Manager users that you want to match to a corresponding Microsoft 365 user.

    The Snow License Manager users are found in the All users report or in the List all users view.

  2. Remove all columns except the user name and add a column called Microsoft 365 UPN to the user export and add the matching Microsoft 365 User Principle Name for each user.

    The Microsoft 365 users are found under Users in the Microsoft 365 navigation, or in the Microsoft 365 portal.

  3. Import the data by updating the existing users according to Import data.

    At the Field mappings step, ensure that the Microsoft 365 UPN field is mapped to the Email address field.

During the next import by the Microsoft 365 connector, correctly mapped users will be linked. The import can be manually triggered in the Snow Integration Manager user interface.

Unlink users

A Microsoft 365 user that has been linked to an inventoried user, or as Online user, can be unlinked:

  1. In the Microsoft 365 navigation bar, select Link users.

    The Link users view appears.

  2. Select the Linked users tab.

  3. Change option in the Link options column, for each user that you want to unlink.

    The change is updated immediately.

  4. Users that have been unlinked show up on the Unlinked users tab.

    Select Reload if they are not visible.