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Get started with SaaS

Learn how to get started with Snow SaaS Management.


To access SaaS, you must be entitled to Snow SaaS Management. You can see your entitlements for Snow Atlas on the Snow Atlas settings menu, on the License details page.

A user account is required to access the Snow Atlas platform. Learn more about users and roles in Snow Atlas settings.


Discovery of your SaaS estate is a prerequisite for visibility and optimization.

Add discovery sources to enable collection of data that populates the SaaS pages with information about you SaaS estate. Collection of user activity populates the usage metrics.

  1. Add SaaS connectors to collect data from your SaaS vendors. This can include connections to SaaS vendor portals, Azure AD, and SSO providers. Connectors can collect information about subscriptions, users, and user activity.

    See SaaS connectors and Manage SaaS connectors for more information.


    If you have SaaS connectors previously configured in Snow Integration Manager, they cannot be used for Snow SaaS Management.

  2. Add Snow's browser extension to collect SaaS application usage in web browsers across your IT estate. The browser extension is a powerful tool to discover SaaS application usage, both known and unknown.

    This feature requires local installations in your environment. See Browser extension for more information.

To learn more about discovery sources, see SaaS discovery.

When you have added your discovery sources, you can go on to optimize your SaaS. Add cost, duration, and quantity information your SaaS subscriptions. See Manage SaaS subscriptions for more information.

To start governing your SaaS applications, mark up applications that have been discovered in your SaaS estate as approved or not approved for use. See Edit applications for more information.