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Set up AWS cost connectors

AWS connectors retrieve data on your AWS cloud usage and transfer it to Snow Atlas. To add an AWS connector, you must have access to the AWS Billing console, the costing report you want to connect with Snow Atlas, the S3 bucket the report is stored in, and the IAM console as a root user.

Connect to an AWS billing report

Use an existing AWS report to connect with Snow Atlas. To learn how to create a new AWS report, see Create AWS reports.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Billing console.

  2. In the AWS Billing console, go to Cost & Usage Reports.

  3. Select the report you want to connect with Snow Atlas.

    A page will load showing the report details.

  4. In Snow Atlas, on the Specify data location, enter the report name, report path prefix, S3 bucket name, and region (for example, us-east-2).

  5. Select Next.

Connect to AWS access credentials

Create an IAM user and generate access credentials for that user.

  1. Create a new IAM user with the required permissions to access the S3 bucket and report you entered in Snow Atlas. For more information on creating an IAM user, see Create an IAM user in your AWS account.

  2. Create an access key for the IAM user. This generates an access key ID and a secret access key. For more information, see Managing access keys for IAM users.

  3. Enter the generated access key ID and secret key on the Provide credentials step in Snow Atlas.

  4. Select Next.

Test the connection

Test the connection between AWS and Snow Atlas to ensure the connector is set up to retrieve your data.

  1. In Snow Atlas, on the Test connection step, select Test connection.

    If the connection is invalid, edit the connector settings on this step and test again.

  2. Select Next.

Complete the connector set up

  1. On the Summary step in the connector set up, review the details of your AWS connector.

  2. Select Add connector to complete the connector setup.