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Recalculate compliance

When you change the compliance conditions for your applications, for example, register a new license purchase, you can manually recalculate the compliance in SAM Core to see the effect.


The term compliance is used to indicate that an organization is legally and correctly licensed, meaning that the organization has the number of licenses required to cover its usage of applications.

The compliance position for an application can change when you, for example, register a new license purchase, add downgrade or cross-edition rights to a license, or change the metrics.

SAM Core regularly establishes a compliance statement for your IT environment. However, if you have made some changes and want to see the effect directly, you can recalculate the compliance manually.

You find the option Compliance in the upper-right corner of most pages in SAM Core. To start a calculation manually, select Compliance, and then select Recalculate compliance. When needed, refresh the page in the web browser.