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Prepare Zoom connector

The Zoom connector retrieves information about subscriptions, users, and user activity.

In Zoom Marketplace, you are required to create a Server-to-Server OAuth app with specific scopes, locate the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret, and enter these values in Settings when adding the connector.


A Zoom admin account is required to connect to the Zoom API. The account must have permissions to create Server-to-Server OAuth apps and to add scopes to apps.


  1. Sign in to Zoom Marketplace:

  2. On the Develop menu, select Build App.

  3. For the Server-to-Server OAuth app type, select Create.

  4. In Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app, enter the name of the app, and select Create.

  5. On the App Credentials tab, copy and save the values in Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret. They are used when adding the connector.

  6. On the Information tab, enter Company Name, Name, and Email Address.

  7. On the Feature tab, leave the Event subscription toggle turned off.

  8. On the Scopes tab:

    1. Select Add scopes, and add the following ones:

      • user:read:admin

      • report:read:admin

      • recording:read:admin

      • account:read:admin

    2. Select Done.

  9. On the Activation tab, select Activate your app.

  10. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the saved values in Account ID, Client ID, and Client secret.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.