SaaS connectors

SaaS connectors enable collection of SaaS license usage and activity through API integrations toward SaaS vendors. Add connectors to get a full overview of you SaaS usage and license utilization.


SaaS connectors provide API integrations toward vendors, to collect data on users, licenses, applications, and activity. The collected data is consolidated and presented in charts and tables in the SaaS pages. This information is a reflection of the information that the vendor has about your organization, how your licenses are used, and which applications are used with SSO. It helps you to optimize license usage and spend within your organization.

There are different types of SaaS connectors:

  • Connectors toward SaaS vendors, for application, user, and license discovery, as well as collection of user activity.

  • Connector toward SSO provider Okta, for application discovery through SSO integrations.

  • Connector toward Active Directory, for discovery of your organization's users and organizational details.

One connector is a specific connector instance with a unique name and settings. You can set up multiple connectors if you have multiple portals (regions) or multiple tenants at the same vendor, or if you want to collect several sets of data, based on different settings. All collected data is consolidated and presented as one, regardless of how many portals and/or tenants that you have connected to at the vendor.

To add a connector, you have to make preparations at the vendor portal to create and retrieve the necessary credentials to be entered as settings. These preparations are described in the product-specific connector topics. If you configure a connector properly, you only have to do it once to benefit from an overview of all your SaaS usage.

Data is collected from the vendors through aggregations. Aggregations can be run manually or through scheduling of automatic aggregations. It can be useful to run aggregations on a weekly basis to always have the latest data for your organization's license use and activities in your SaaS estate.

Your SaaS connectors are located and managed in SAM settings, in Data collection.

In Manage SaaS connectors, all tasks for you to successfully manage your connectors are described. SaaS connectors make API calls to respective vendor to retrieve data. These calls and retrieved data are described in Data references for SaaS connectors.