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SaaS connectors

SaaS connectors in Settings enable collection of data through API integrations toward SaaS vendors. Add connectors to get an overview of your SaaS usage and subscription utilization in SaaS.


SaaS connectors provide API integrations toward vendors, to collect data on users, subscriptions, applications, and user activity. The collected data is consolidated and presented in the SaaS pages. This information helps you to optimize SaaS subscription utilization and spend within your organization.

Connector categories

There are three categories of SaaS connectors:

  • Connectors toward SaaS vendors, for discovery of applications, users, and subscriptions, as well as collection of user activity. These have discovery type SaaS connector.

  • Connectors toward SSO providers, for application and user discovery and collection of user activity through SSO integrations. These have discovery type SSO.

  • Connector toward Active Directory, for discovery of your organization's users and organizational details. This has discovery type SaaS connector.

For more information on discovery, sources, and the types, see SaaS discovery.

Connector management

Your SaaS connectors are located and managed in Settings, under SaaS settings. For column descriptions of the table, see SaaS connectors — Reference.

To add a connector, you have to make preparations in the vendor portal to create and retrieve the necessary credentials to be entered as settings. These preparations are described in the information provided on product-specific connectors.

Data is collected from the vendors through aggregations. Aggregations are scheduled by default when you add a connector so that you always have the latest data for your SaaS estate, but you can also choose run aggregations manually.

All tasks for you to successfully manage your connectors are described in Manage SaaS connectors. SaaS connectors make API calls to respective vendors to retrieve data, see Data references for SaaS connectors for information about each connector.

Multiple vendor portals or tenants

Each connector you add is a specific connector instance with a unique name and settings. If you have multiple vendor portals (regions) or multiple tenants for the same vendor, you can add multiple connectors with different settings. All collected data is consolidated and presented for each vendor, regardless of how many portals and/or tenants that you have connected to for that vendor.

If you add more than one connector with the same settings, imports during aggregation create duplicate data in the system.