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Authentication using Postman

Snow Atlas supports authentication with OAuth2 directly in Postman to get an access token to use with Snow Atlas APIs.

Access tokens that you retrieve using this client do not require any scope configuration. The permissions associated with the retrieved token reflect those of the user who configures Postman as described below.

Configure Postman

Follow these steps to configure Postman to start an authorization flow.

  1. In Postman, open a new request and select the Authorization tab.

  2. For Type, select OAuth 2.0.

  3. For Add authorization data to, select Request Headers.

  4. In Configure New Token, on the Configuration Options tab, in Token Name, enter a name for the token, for example, Snow Atlas.

  5. For Grant Type, select Authorization Code (with PKCE).

  6. For Callback URL, select Authorize using browser.

  7. For Auth URL, enter https://{region}


    You can find your Data region in the Snow Atlas settings menu, in License details. Your Data region is on the General information tab. For further information, see General information.

  8. For Access Token URL, enter https://{region}

  9. For Client ID, enter b51472b3-e058-4379-cabc-08da4d1d33e5.

  10. For Code Challenge Method, select SHA-256.

  11. For Client Authentication, select Send client credentials in body.

  12. Select Get New Access Token.

  13. To start an authorization flow, follow the instructions that appear.


    Ensure that popups are allowed in your browser so that the instructions to proceed are displayed.

    When the authorization flow is complete, Manage Access Tokens appears.

  14. Select Use Token.

  15. Under Current Token, for Header Prefix, select Bearer.

For more information on configuring Postman for authorization, refer to the Postman documentation on authorizing requests.