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Prepare Adobe Creative Cloud connector

The Adobe Creative Cloud connector retrieves information about subscriptions and users. For information about collection of user activity, see Activity for Adobe Creative Cloud.

In Adobe Developer Console, you are required to set up an Adobe Creative Cloud project and add an API. You are also required to generate a certificate and a private key. Retrieve Technical account ID, Client ID, client secret, and Organization ID and enter these values, together with the content of the private key file, in Settings when adding the connector.


An Adobe ID account with System Administrator permissions is required for the API authentication. The Adobe ID consists of a username and a password.


  1. Sign in to the Adobe Developer Console projects page with a System Administrator account:

  2. Create a project and add an API.

    1. Select the organization for which you want to create a project.

    2. On the Projects tab, select Create new project.

      A project is created, and a project page is opened.

    3. Select Add API.

    4. Select User Management API and then select Next.

    5. On the Create a new service account (JWT) credential page, select Option 1 – Generate a key pair, and then select Generate keypair.

      Certificate and private key are generated by Adobe, and an archive containing them is downloaded to your device.

    6. Select Save configured API.

  3. Retrieve the credentials for the project.

    1. Go to the Adobe Creative Cloud project that you created.

    2. Go to Credentials, and select Service Account (JWT).

    3. Copy and save Technical account ID, Client ID, Client secret, and Organization ID. They are used when adding the connector.

      To display the Client secret value, select Retrieve client secret.

  4. Open the archive that was downloaded in Step 2.e. The content of the private key file is used when adding the connector.

  5. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the saved values according to the table.


    Value from Adobe Developer Console

    Technical account ID

    Technical account ID

    Client ID

    Client ID

    Client secret

    Client secret

    Organization ID

    Organization ID

    Private certificate key

    The content of the private key file.

    It has the file extension .key.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.