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Container connectors

Container connectors are the connection between your containerized Kubernetes environment and Snow Atlas. You must install a container connector in each of your clusters to collect data on the applications running in your containers.


Container connectors enable data to be continuously collected and transferred from your containerized environment to Snow Atlas. Snow Atlas uses the metadata collected to identify the applications running in your Kubernetes clusters, and the containers that the applications are running in. For more information on the overview that you gain, based on the data collected, see Containers overview.

The Container connectors page shows the connectors that you create. In the table, you can filter on the columns to find the information you require. The Status column allows you to identify if any connectors are not running as expected.

You can install connectors in Kubernetes clusters running in one of the following environments:

  • Cloud

  • On-premises

Irrespective of the environment that you are running your Kubernetes clusters in, all data is transmitted and stored in Snow Atlas in cloud storage.


To access Container connectors, you require the Snow Atlas System Administrator role.

You require the following to install container connectors:

  • Helm 3 or later on your local machine

  • Kubernetes cluster version 1.23 or later, with a minimum of one Linux worker node

  • TCP port 443 must be allowed for outbound connections


Refer to Helm's version support policy to ensure that you are using compatible versions of Helm and Kubernetes.

Required CPU and memory resources

The default and recommended values for the CPU and memory resources are shown in the table below. If you require to modify these values, update the values.yaml file. For more information, see Configurable values for container connectors.

CPU for requests

Memory for requests

Memory limits


100 m

50 MiB

250 MiB


300 m

100 MiB

250 MiB

Message queue

300 m

100 MiB

250 MiB

Install using Helm

To install container connectors in your clusters, you must install a Helm chart provided in the repository For more information, see Set up container connectors.