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Manage container connectors

Here are the different ways you can manage container connectors.

Generate new keys

If you select Generate new key for an existing connector, the existing key is immediately invalid. The connector will no longer collect data until you deploy the new key in your cluster with a Helm chart.

  1. On the SAM settings menu, under Connectors, select Container connectors.

  2. Select the connector that requires a new key.

  3. On the Actions menu, select Generate new key.

  4. In New secret key, select Generate new key.

  5. To copy the secret key, select Copy and save the key in a secure location.

For information on how to deploy your new key to the connector, see Deploy new keys to connectors.

Deploy new keys to connectors

When you deploy a new secret key to an existing connector, you require the secret key that you generate and copy in Generate new keys.

  • To deploy the new secret key, upgrade the Helm chart:

    helm upgrade snowsoftware-connector --set

Edit container connectors

  1. On the Container connectors page, select the connector that you want to edit.

  2. On the Actions menu, select Edit.

  3. Update the connector as required.

  4. Select Save.

Delete container connectors

If you delete a connector, it no longer collects data. However, existing data is preserved.

  1. On the Container connectors page, select the connector that you want to delete.

  2. On the Actions menu, select Delete.

  3. In Delete container connector, select Delete.

Uninstall container connectors

  • To remove a connector from a cluster:

    helm uninstall snowsoftware-connector --purge

Ensure that your connectors work correctly

To confirm that you are receiving the data that you expect to be identified in your clusters, you can check in the Containers pages.


  • Only Snow Atlas system administrators can access Container connectors.

  • Only Snow Atlas administrators or viewers can view Containers.

  1. On the Container connectors page, to search for the relevant connector, start to enter search criteria.

    The search results appear as you enter criteria.

  2. Check the Status of the connector. Running indicates that the connector has connected to Snow Atlas.

  3. Copy the Client ID for the connector.

  4. On the Containers menu, select Containers.

  5. To search for the relevant cluster, paste the Client ID that you copied into the Client ID filter box.

    Data collected for that cluster is shown.