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Custom compare value types

Use a custom compare value type in SAM Core on Snow Atlas as a customized way to perform license compliance calculations.


There can be situations where the Snow Inventory Agents cannot discover data on an application that you have in your IT environment. Consequently, the pre-defined metrics in SAM Core might not be applicable for that application. For such applications you can instead use a customized application metric, a so called Custom compare value, together with a Custom compare value type to monitor the license compliance.

The license compliance calculations can then be based on values in two ways:

  • The number of purchased licenses is compared with a number that you set manually on the application, and that reflects the number of required licenses.

  • The number of purchased licenses is compared with a value in a custom field on each computer/mobile device that requires one or more licenses. You can set this value manually or you can perform an import of computer data to populate the custom field. For more information, see Import data.