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Prepare Okta connectors

The Okta connector is used to determine usage of SaaS applications in your organization, for applications integrated with Okta SSO. The connector also gathers information about your Okta subscriptions and users.

In Okta, you are required to find the domain name related to your account, and generate a unique token. Enter these values in Settings when adding the connector.


An Okta user account is required to connect to the Okta API. The created token derives access rights from the account. To limit the connector's access, limit the account access.

  1. Sign in to Okta Developer Portal.

  2. Copy the domain name for your account. It is located in the account details.

  3. On the Security menu, select API.

  4. On the Tokens tab, create a token and save it in a safe place.

    The token can only be shown once after it is created. A new token can be created if needed.

  5. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the domain name in Organization URL and the token in API token.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.