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Prepare Microsoft 365 connectors

The Microsoft 365 connector connector retrieves information about subscriptions, users, and some user activity.

In Microsoft Azure Portal, you are required to configure a Graph API application, add API access, and grant the application permissions. You are required to copy Directory (tenant) ID and Application (tenant) ID, create a client secret, and enter these values in Settings when adding the connector.


The user account used to create the app in Step 2:

  • If Azure AD > User Settings > Users can register applications is Yes, the user account used to create the app does not have to be assigned to a role.

  • If Azure AD > User Settings > Users can register applications is No, the user account used to create the app must be assigned to one of the following roles:

    • Global administrator

    • Application administrator

    • Cloud application administrator

    • Application developer

The user who grants administrator consent in Step 3.c must be assigned to the Global administrator role.


  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure Portal:

  2. In App registrations, create an Azure Active Directory application.

    1. Set Supported account types to Accounts in this organizational directory only.

    2. Set Redirect URI to Web.

    3. In URI, enter http://localhost.

  3. Add API permissions to Microsoft Graph for the application you created.

    1. Configure Delegated permissions:

      1. Select Delegated permissions.

      2. Select offline_access in the list of permissions.

      3. Clear the User: User.Read permission, if it is selected.

    2. Configure Application permissions.

      In the list of permissions, select:

      • Directory: Directory.Read.All

      • Organization: Organization.Read.All

      • User: User.Read.All

      • Reports: Reports.Read.All

    3. Select Grant admin consent for [your organization's name].

  4. In Certificates & secrets, create a new client secret with the following information:

    1. Enter a Description for the key, for your own reference.

    2. Set Expires to your desired value.


      When the client secret expires, the connector will not be able to run.

      Regenerate the client secret when it expires and enter the new value in the connector Settings.

    3. To display the client secret, select Add.

      Copy and save the value. It is used when adding the connector.

  5. Copy and save Directory (tenant) ID and Application (client) ID for the application. They are used when adding the connector.

  6. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the saved values according to the table.


    Value from Microsoft Azure Portal

    Tenant ID

    Directory (tenant) ID

    Client ID

    Application (client) ID

    Client secret

    Client secret

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.