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Organization assignment


This is a beta version. It can contain defects, and be aware that your assignment rules may be deleted or may not be compatible with other functionality in Snow Atlas.

The organization assignment rules in Snow Atlas let you automatically assign computers to the organization structure.


The organization assignment is defined by one or several assignment rules, based on attributes such as host name, IP address, or site name. The rules create a relationship between computers and the organization structure. This facilitates, for example, cost reporting and relevant compliance calculation.

Assignment rules

The assignment rules are defined by one or several criteria. The criteria are conditions based on a computer attribute, a function, and a value:

  • Attribute - A technical property of a computer, for example, host name, IP address, or client site name.

  • Function - A logical operator, for example, Equals or Contains, which enables calculation between an attribute and a value.

  • Value - A specific value or a range of values applied to a computer attribute, for example, the host name of a set of computers.

The criteria are separated by an AND operator by default:

  • AND - The computers must match both criteria.