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SaaS discovery

In Snow SaaS Management in SaaS, SaaS applications, subscriptions, users, and user activity for an organization can be discovered in multiple discovery sources.


To take control of compliance, security, and optimization, organizations need to have full visibility of all their SaaS applications, subscriptions, users, and user activity. This is achieved through gathering of data from various discovery sources.

The discovered data is consolidated and presented in a normalized and structured way, to facilitate visibility and optimization. See Data consolidation for more information.

Application discovery

SaaS applications are consumed through a multitude of devices and sources. Application discovery is focused on finding this flexible consumption of SaaS applications across an organization's SaaS estate, so that it can be consolidated into useful information.

Subscription discovery

Vendors handle the licensing of SaaS applications with a subscription model, and many vendors offer a multitude of subscription types based on various combinations of applications. Subscription discovery is focused on how an organization's subscriptions are distributed and utilized by its users, so that the data can be matched to added cost data and consolidated into useful information.

User discovery

Users today exist in multiple systems, in multiple instances of systems, portals, and information databases within one or several organizations. One person has multiple accounts, sometimes registered with different email addresses or other personal data. User discovery is focused on finding all accounts that one person has in different systems for an organization, so that the data can be consolidated into one user.

In consolidated user tables, the organizational user information that is shown is based on a priority of discovery sources: Azure AD connector, Microsoft 365 connector, Google Workspace connector, other connector.

User activity connects a user to an application. It is the basis for discovery of unknown SaaS applications and a prerequisite for subscription optimization and application management. See User activity for more information.

Discovery sources

The discovery of SaaS consumption and users requires multiple discovery inputs, called discovery sources. Connecting to discovery sources is a prerequisite to gather SaaS applications, subscriptions, users, and user activity data. The data is consolidated into useful information before being presented on the SaaS pages. See Data consolidation for more information.

One application, subscription, or user can have multiple discovery sources. User activity can also come from multiple sources. The discovery sources have unique names in the SaaS pages. The discovery sources are also grouped by discovery type and represented by an icon for better overview.


Discovery type

Discovery source name

Discovery sources

Discovered items


SaaS connector

The unique name of each connector

SaaS connectors for SaaS vendors

SaaS connectors for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Applications, subscriptions, users, user activity

Users and their organizational details



The unique name of each connector

SaaS connectors for SSO

Applications, users, user activity



Browser extension

Agent cloud application metering

Browser extension

Agent-based browser extensions

Applications, users, user activity

Applications, users, user activity



Device application usage

Device application usage

Applications, users, and user activity in Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud applications installed on devices


Manually added

Manually added

Manually added subscriptions

Manually added applications

Applications, subscriptions


If applications or subscription types cannot be discovered through a discovery source, they can be manually added. Users cannot be manually added to the system, only discovered.