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There are two categories of users:

  • Administrators—these are people who operate in this SDM domain

  • Service users—these are accounts used by services running in the domain


Snow Software's recommendation is that customers always use Snow Cloud Extender to import and synchronize their Active Directory users and security groups. Therefore, this guide covers only the extra user types and roles suited to most SDM customer domains, namely:

  • At least one extra domain administrator

  • At least one test user

  • Any necessary service users

To create a new Snow Device Manager domain administrator:

  1. Click Create user. The Create user dialog appears.

  2. Username: Enter a suitable user name.

  3. Contact email: Enter a suitable email address.

  4. Assign role: Select domainadmin.

  5. Assign custom privilege: Leave this field blank.

  6. Under Password, select Send registration and Generate password.

  7. Click Create to create this new user.

To create a test user:

  • Follow the same procedure as above, assigning the role user.

Snow Software recommends that customers have at least one fictitious test user that can be used to see the effect of new package deployments before rolling these out to the rest of the organization. 

To create a new service user:

  • Follow the same procedure as above, assigning the role service.