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To search for devices, users, or packages, go to the Category menu, select Start, and then select Search. Or use the Quick search.

To start a search:

  1. In the Enter search criteria area, select the Device, User, or Package tab, depending on what you want to search for.

  2. Modify the information in the three boxes defining the search query:

    1. In the first box, select the property on which you want to base your search, for example the connectivity for devices, or the name for users.

    2. In the second box, select the query operator, for example is exactly or starts with.

      Available operators depend on the property chosen in the first box.

    3. In the third box, enter or select a search value.

  3. Optionally, add more queries to the search. The queries are combined with AND or OR operators.

    • To add an AND query, select + Add AND Query Group.

      A new query group is added to the search. Query groups are combined with an AND operator.

      Repeat Step 2.a to Step 2.c for the new query.

    • To add an OR query, select + Add OR Query in an already created query group.

      A new query is added to the query group. Queries in a query group are combined with an OR operator.

      Repeat Step 2.a to Step 2.c for the new query.

  4. Select Search to the lower right of the Enter search criteria area.

    The list of search results is displayed. Select a column header to sort the list by that column.

  5. Optionally, add columns with more information to the list of search results:

    1. Select Choose columns above the list of search results.

    2. Select the check boxes for the information you want to add, and then select Confirm.

      Columns displaying the selected information are added to the list of search results.

  6. Select a row in the list to go to the overview page for that device, user or package.

You can export the list of search results to a .csv file by selecting Export above the list of search results.

Save search

The search criteria created in a search can be saved for easy access and reuse.

  1. Select Save search above the list of search results.

    The Name search query dialog box appears.

  2. Enter a name for the search in the Name box.

    The search query is displayed in the box as a default name.

  3. Select Save.

Select the Saved searches SearchesIcon.jpg tab to access the list of saved searches. When a saved search is used, it will be applied on the current information in the Snow Device Manager domain.

Quick search

Use the Quick search to search for devices, users, and packages from anywhere in the user interface.

Select the looking glass on the top menu bar, or just press the S key, and the quick search window will appear. Enter your search in the Search box and the list of search results will appear below the box. Select a search result to go to the overview page for the device, user or package.

If you, instead of selecting the search result, select Enter, or More search results, you will be directed to the search page where the queries according to your quick search are displayed. You can modify the queries as described previously.