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General settings

To configure General settings:

  1. Select the Domain language.

  2. Bring Your Own Device wipe: If this Snow Device Manager domain will manage employee-owned devices (through a work profile), then it is recommended that you select the option Do not allow personally own devices to be wiped by Snow Device Manager


    This is not a complete block because the user can be changed by an administrator. However, that change is logged.

  3. Text message sender type: When Snow Device Manager sends the enrollment text message to devices, the name of the sender must have one of the following formats:

    • Alpha - if the sender name is an alphanumeric combination.

    • Numeric - if the sender name is numeric only.

    • Shortcode - if this is something that the customer has already set up in advance. This is a numeric string comprised of five or six digits that is dedicated only to sending text messages.

    Select the appropriate format for this domain.

  4. Text message sender: To change the device enrollment text message from SNOW (which matches the Alpha setting in the previous step), add the desired character string—with a maximum length of 11 characters—that matches the format from the previous step.

    For example, imagine that the customer is a company called 361 West and you want this name to be the sender name for the device enrollment text message. Simply select Alpha in the previous step and enter 361 West into the Text message sender box in this step.

  5. Country code: If landline or mobile telephone numbers from the organization's Active Directory (AD) do not include the international telephone number notation (+ symbol, followed by the country code), then select one or both of the following to change the format of the phone number and/or mobile number imported from AD to match the text message-sending format of Snow Device Manager:

    • Phonenumber

    • Mobilenumber

  6. Review the settings on this tab and make any corrections, if needed. Next, click Save settings.


Configuring the General settings tab functions correctly must take into account not only the needs of the organization, but also the regulations of the specific country in which the organization operates.

The information above relates to what the settings are and do. If you need country-specific recommendations related to General settings, please contact your Snow Software service representative.