This guide describes how to install and renew an Apple MDM (Mobile Device management) Certificate. An Apple MDM Certificate is needed when enrolling iOS mobile devices to Snow Device Manager.

The Apple MDM certificate must be renewed before it expires, otherwise all iOS devices on the domain will lose their connection to Snow Device Manager. If the devices lose their connection, they must be re-enrolled.


Several files are generated when you install an Apple MDM Certificate. We recommend that you delete these files when you have installed the certificate. To make it easier to delete the files, we recommend that you save the files in one location, for example a new folder on your desktop.


To install an Apple MDM Certificate, the company or organization must have an Apple ID. To renew the certificate, the company or organization must have access to the Apple ID used to install the certificate.

To create an Apple ID, go to

In the installation and renewal process, we recommend that you use the web browser Apple Safari. The web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can also work for the installation and renewal process.

It is not possible to use Internet Explorer since the web browser cannot interpret .pem files.

It is recommended to create an Apple ID with non-personal credentials. If a personal Apple ID is created and the person who created the Apple ID leaves the organization, the Apple ID is lost.

It is also very important to store login credentials safely.