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The System Manager is used for managing and configuring a Snow Device Manager system on a global level. The system provides an overview of connectivity and also access to the Snow Device Manager server and services. The tool is also used for troubleshooting as it provides access to the log files and configuration for the different services in the system.

The configuration files, users, device profiles, and certificates, as well as the actions which can be made for these, are global and will affect the full system.

The System Manager is used for the following actions:

  • Create and remove domains on the system level.

  • Create and remove global users who can access all domains on the system.

  • Manage the certificates to be used for the whole system, including the SSL certificate used for access to the system.

  • Manage the service accounts used for the communication between the different services on the system.

  • Manage what device profiles are available for all domains on the platform.

  • Access to, and collection of, the different log-files for the services.


  • If anything is needed to be done on a specific domain, this is done using Snow Device Manager.

  • The log system of System Manager is based on writing to backup-able text files so the files are persistent on server and can be easily transferred by email if necessary.

Security Issues

Log files are stored on the server. No one has access to the server computer, so it is impossible to modify or delete old logs. All views described in this document is in read-only mode and cannot be modified. Log information is sent securely using SSL from server to client, that is to the System Manager.

The user interface

The information in System Manager is presented on three tabs:

  • Status tab

  • Domain tab

  • Global tab