The Snow XML connector is a generic connector that enables integration of data from any other third party hardware and/or software inventory system managing computers or mobile devices.

The Snow XML connector reads data from a structured XML file and converts it to the standard Snow Inventory format (.inv). The converted inventory data is then processed by Snow Inventory and presented in Snow License Manager for compliance and licensing. The data from the 3rd party inventory system must be converted to an XML file, conforming to an XML schema definition (.xsd).


Please note that Snow XML is not an out-of-the-box connector, and to configure it successfully, good knowledge of XML data processing is required. Read When to use the Snow XML connector before you begin.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are the minimum required versions to support the integration connector for Snow XML:

  • Snow Inventory Server 5 (or later) for processing of inventory data into Snow Inventory

  • Snow License Manager 8 (or later) for presentation of inventory data.

When to use the Snow XML connector

If possible, the best option is always to use Snow Inventory Agents or out-of-the-box SIM connectors, but sometimes there may be no other option than to use the Snow XML connector. Some examples of such scenarios are:

  • Only certified or defined applications are allowed to be installed or executed on the system.

  • Offline systems, where using the Zero-Footprint / USB Configuration will not work.

  • One-time imports.

  • PoCs with flat files to be comparable.

  • An inventory solution is already in place, for which there is no out-of-the-box SIM connector available, and installing Snow Inventory agents is not considered as an option at the moment.

  • VMware vCenter could not be reached, only a flat file is available.

  • Parts of the environment are outsourced.

If you plan to use the Snow XML connector, it is recommended to design a workflow, specific to the use case, taking into account how often you want to update data in Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager, and what data should be part of the update. Carefully read the Preparations section before you begin.