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Install ServiceNow apps


The guided setup of the ServiceNow apps requires a ServiceNow UI16.

Install the apps

Install the applications Product and Service Catalog Update by Snow Software, and CMDB Integration by Snow Software from the ServiceNow Store.


Please note that both applications must be requested and installed, as the CMDB app has a dependency on the Catalog app.

  1. Sign in to ServiceNow Store,

  2. Locate the applications:

    • Product and Service Catalog Update

    • CMDB Integration

  3. For each of the applications, select Request App.

  4. If prompted, sign in with your HI credentials.


    When you request an app, Snow processes this as a zero-cost purchase by selecting Approve Purchase. When the purchase request has been processed in the ServiceNow Store, the application is available for download in your instance.

    It can take up to two business days before the request has been approved. Therefore, start the request process, Step 1 to Step 4, ahead of the planned implementation date.

  5. In ServiceNow, filter on System Applications and then select All from the dropdown list.


    You can also use the search functionality available, to find the applications:

    • Snow Software Catalog Integration

    • Snow Software CMDB Integration

  6. To install the two applications, select Install.

  7. Follow the steps of the Guided Setup provided with each application.


    The Guided Setup will point you back to the ServiceNow Connector guide, from which you can navigate to the Snow License Manager configuration and the Snow Integration Manager sections, respectively.