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Example: Create a software metering rule

This section provides an example of the detailed steps to create a software metering rule.

In the System Center Configuration Manager console:

  1. Navigate to Assets and Compliance|Overview|Software Metering.

  2. Right-click the Software Metering menu, and then select Create Software Metering Rule.

  3. In the Create Software Metering Rule Wizard:

    1. Enter a Name for the metering rule.

    2. Enter a File name or an Original file name of the executable file.

    3. Select a Language from the list.

    Example 28.

    Metering rule settings can be:

    • Name: Adobe Photoshop

    • File name: photoshop.exe

    • Version: *

    • Language: Any

  4. To save the new metering rule, select Next.

  5. The new rule is added to the Software Metering list. Verify that the rule is set to Enabled.