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This changelog describes updates to the product information with relevant product releases.


Product version



Not related to a release

  • Install ServiceNow apps : Reworked the topic to include missing information and reflect the correct steps to install servicenow for Catalog and CMDB apps.

  • Editorial changes to ServiceNow CMDB integration.

  • Configure Snow License Manager: Added a redirect link to the Snow License Manager installation topic.


ITSM with SIM 5.48

  • Reworked the Configuration topics for ServiceNow CMDB and ServiceNow Catalog connectors to implement the SLM common components, based on the UI changes.

  • Individual sub-topics were created under Prepare Snow Integration Manager for the configuration of connectors and the installation of Snow Integration Manager.

  • Renamed the connector to ServiceNow from Snow for ServiceNow in the documentation.


ITSM with SIM 5.45

Editorial changes in Snow for ServiceNow CMDB Integration chapter.


ITSM with SIM 5.41

New field for ConnectorName added to every table that describes CSV files, in the following topics: Snow for ServiceNow CMDB Integration, Snow for ServiceNow Catalog Integration, and Custom fields.


Not related to a release

Added a Prerequisites section in the Installation topic to mention the guided setup of ServiceNow apps.


Snow Integration Manager 5.38

Removed Dependencies section from the guide.


Not related to a release

Added descriptions to the front page of Snow for ServiceNow.


Not related to a release

Removed link to Upgrade guide from Introduction, since it has been archived.


Not related to a release

Added note in Service Catalog approvals on compliance calculation feature and Snow Atlas.

Removed information about compliance calculation feature in Replicated asset information.

Added note in Configure Snow License Manager about creation of an API user in Snow Atlas.


Snow Integration Manager 5.32

Snow for ServiceNow 4.1

Updated configuration options and screenshots in Configuration sections for CMDB and Catalog.

In Snow for ServiceNow CMDB Integration: Updated the constant value set by the connector in table Relationship 1 (DCC and Hosts). Updated vCenter table name to Datacenter and changed target table to cmdb_ci_vcenter_datacenter. The old target table cmdb_ci_vcenter is not used from Snow for ServiceNow 4.1 and Snow Integration Manager 5.32, and may be emptied.

Editorial changes: Consolidated Installation & Configuration guide with Replicated Asset Information guide into one guide.