The Snow Integration Connector for Oracle VM is used for gathering of inventory data about the Oracle virtualization platform by connecting to the Oracle VM Manager REST API endpoints.

The retrieved inventory data is then presented into Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager for taking advantage of its rich licensing and compliance capabilities.


  • A supported version of Oracle VM is required. Refer to Snow Compatibility Matrix for supported versions by Snow Integration Connector for Oracle VM.

  • To read inventory data from Oracle VM Manager REST API endpoints, a user account with API access rights is required. In some versions there is only an admin user level, then you should use that level.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are required to support the Snow integration connector for Oracle VM:

  • Snow Integration Manager version 5.35 or later

  • Snow Inventory Server version 6.6 or later

  • Snow License Manager version 9.8 or later


For reporting the installed softwares on hosted virtual machines, Snow Inventory Agents are required.