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Configure GitHub Enterprise connector

The Snow Integration Connector for GitHub Enterprise is used to determine the number of registered GitHub users.

The configuration must be started and prepared according to SaaS connector configuration.


A GitHub Enterprise user account is required to connect to the GitHub Enterprise API, and extract the number of users and their last login date. The GitHub Enterprise user account must have the role Site Admin with read permission for the user scope, to be able to connect to the GitHub Enterprise API and extract user data. The GitHub Enterprise connector supports both cloud and self-hosted instances of GitHub Enterprise.


GitHub's own cloud-hosting service API on does not meet the requirements for a SIM connector and hence is not supported.

Generate and get the token

Snow Integration Manager integrates with GitHub Enterprise via a unique token.

  1. Log in to GitHub Enterprise using a user account with the Site Admin role.

  2. Select Developer settings.

  3. Select Personal access tokens.

  4. Select Generate new token.

  5. Enter a memorable Token description.

  6. Select user.

  7. Select Generate token.

  8. Select and copy the personal access token.


We recommend you to save the token securely as you will be unable to view it again once created. A new token can be created and used if the token is lost.


In the Configure GitHub Enterprise section at the bottom of Connector Configuration: SaaS, do the following.

  1. In the Access token, paste the copied personal access token, as saved in Generate and get the token.

  2. In Endpoint, enter the network address for your GitHub Enterprise instance.

  3. To verify that the connection between Snow Integration Manager and the GitHub Enterprise API is successful, select Test Connection.

  4. To enable the connector, select Active.

  5. Select Save.