The Snow for BMC Helix Remedyforce connector populates and maintains Remedyforce from BMC with information from Snow License Manager. It connects to Snow License Manager and collects information on computers, users, installed software, and relationships. The information is then replicated to BMC Helix Remedyforce via the BMC helix Remedyforce connector, which is configured in the Snow Integration Manager.

From Snow Integration Manager 5.17, it is possible to select which data will be transferred from Snow License Manager to BMC Helix Remedyforce. The fields that can be selected for transfer are:

  • Applications

  • BIOS

  • Computer type

    • Laptop

    • Desktop

    • Server

  • Display Adapters

  • IP endpoints

  • LAN endpoints

  • Logical disks

  • Memory

  • Mobile devices

  • Most frequent user on computers

  • Operating system

  • Optical drives

  • Processor


To configure the BMC helix Remedyforce connector, the following is required:

  • BMC Helix Remedyforce with Bulk API 2.0. 

    Bulk API 2.0 is available from API version 41.0 (release Winter 2018).

  • A BMC Helix Remedyforce user account that has sufficient permissions

  • A Snow License Manager user account with access to Snow License Manager web API (see Preparations for details).

  • The Snow License Manager web API must be accessible from the server where Snow Integration Manager is installed. This can be verified by running the following URL: http://[slm server hostname]: [port]/api.

  • The BMC Helix Remedyforce API must be accessible from the server where Snow Integration Manager is installed.


    The integration is not guaranteed to work out of the box in customized BMC Helix Remedyforce environments. Please involve Snow Services to work out any problems.

    By default, Snow License Manager is configured on port 80. If another port is used, it must be part of the URL for Snow License Manager.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are the minimum required versions to support the integration connector for Helix Remedyforce:

  • Snow Integration Manager 5.23

  • Snow License Manager 8.3.1