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Service Catalog approvals

This chapter describes a typical workflow for creating Service Catalog items based on Software Models created by Snow. ServiceNow automatically creates Software Models containing the Snow Application ID, which is then referenced throughout the Service Catalog request and approval process.

The Snow Application ID is critical in order to retrieve real-time application information from the Snow License Manager Web API.

Publish software models

  1. In the Software Models list, click the Name of the software to be added.

  2. To publish the software to the Service Catalog, click the Publish to Software Catalog link.

  3. Select a Category for the software, for example the top-level Software category.

  4. Type the name of the Workflow that the software will be associated with in order to generate approvals. Make sure you have a workflow that generates approval requests (some workflows require e.g. a price over $1,000 before triggering approvals, or other conditions to be met).

    You can review the actual workflow steps in the Workflow Editor, and modify it, if required. See Build a simple test workflow for instructions on modifying workflows.

  5. After adding a workflow, click Update.



For purposes of this guide, ignore that the Service Catalog item currently lacks content and visual appeal. Adding descriptions, cost and images, and classifying software in subcategories is the responsibility of the Catalog Management process in ServiceNow. It is beyond the scope of this guide to document how to manage catalogs in ServiceNow.

Create a request

  1. Navigate to the Service Catalog, and click the Software category.

  2. Click the name to make a request of the item you just published in the Software Catalog.

  3. Click Order Now to submit the request.

  4. The request is now submitted.


Manage a request

  1. Navigate to My Approvals, assuming that you are the actual approver for the request.

  2. Click to open the request.


    If you do not see any approval requests, check the following common errors:

    • Your workflow did not automatically generate an approval request. Some workflows have conditions for when approval should be requested, such as item price.

    • The user account you are logged in with is not part of any approval group or approval user defined in the workflow.

  3. Snow has added a new view labelled SnowApproval. In this view, new columns have been added to automatically retrieve license compliance and additional application details from Snow License Manager in real-time. In order to use this, switch your view to SnowApproval.


    Information on the Compliance number is retrieved from the Snow License Manager Web API whenever the form is loaded.

  4. Click the Compliance number to retrieve the full details from Snow License Manager.