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Replicated asset information

ServiceNow enables ServiceNow customers and partners to rapidly implement and populate the CMDB in ServiceNow, based on hardware and software data automatically provided by Snow Software’s asset management solution.

ServiceNow populates and maintains the ServiceNow implementation with information from Snow License Manager. The two ServiceNow connectors in Snow Integration Manager connect to Snow License Manager Web API, and collect data on computers, users, and installed software. The data is then uploaded to ServiceNow, and transformed and inserted into destination tables by the CMDB Integration and Product and Catalog Update Integration applications installed in the ServiceNow instance.

Although ServiceNow is delivered and installed as two separate connectors and applications, they are always meant to be used together. The Snow Software Catalog Integration connector populates the Product Catalog with hardware and software models and manufacturers. The Snow Software CMDB Integration connector populates the CMDB with information on hardware and software assets, and relationships between hardware, software, and users.

This section describes what information is replicated, and where it is stored in ServiceNow.