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This changelog describes updates to the product information with relevant product releases.


Product version



Snow Integration Manager 5.52

Settings in SCCM:

  • Asset Intelligence Catalog section has been updated with a note informing the deprecation of the Asset Intelligence feature by Microsoft.

  • Reworked the topic to align to the information model.

Create a software metering rule: Reworked the topic and aligned to the information model.


Snow Integration Manager 5.38

Removed Introduction topic and moved Prerequisites to the Connector configuration topic.


Not related to a release

Added descriptions to the front page of MS SCCM.


Not related to a release

Corrected description of configuration options for in Data source options. Restructured pieces of Prerequisites into Configure authentication.

Added configuration options and data tables from retired Intune (hybrid SCCM) user guide. Updated screenshots in Settings in SCCM, Create software metering rule, removed screenshots in Settings in SIM.

Editorial and structural changes.