The Snow Integration Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud is used for finding information about licenses and license assignments in regards to users of Adobe Creative Cloud. This information is sent to Snow License Manager, where it is presented.

This document describes how to configure the connector and what information is retrieved from the Creative Cloud REST API.

The Adobe Creative Cloud connector is available in Snow Integration Manager from version 5.15.


  • An Adobe ID account with administrator permissions is required for API authentication. The Adobe ID consists of a username and password.

  • A Snow License Manager user account is required for Web API authentication. The user account must be assigned the built-in API Users role.

  • To access and view the data in Snow License Manager, product licenses for both Snow for SaaS and Advanced optimization for Adobe Creative Cloud are required.

    • To access and view the data in Snow License Manager, enter the license key for Advanced optimization for Adobe Creative Cloud into Web Configurator.

      For information on how to enter the license key in Web Configurator, see User Guide: Snow Management and Configuration Center for Snow License Manager.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are the minimum required versions to support the integration connector for Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • Snow Integration Manager 5.15

  • Snow License Manager 9.2.0

  • Snow License Manager Web API 9.2.0