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Configure the Discovery data from file connector

The Snow Integration Connector for Discovery data from file is configured in Snow Integration Manager. For more information, refer to Snow Integration Manager.

In Snow Integration Manager, add the connector and configure the settings.

  1. To add a source folder with discovery data files, select Add.

  2. On the Source File Folder window, select the Configuration tab and do the following:

    1. In the File folder, enter the location of the folder where the connector will look for discovery files, or you can also browse the folder using Browse.

    2. In the Source file section, describe what the discovery files look like using the following options:

      • Depending on the whether the file has headers or not, select or clear the Has headers checkbox.

      • In Type, select what type of file it is.

      • In Delimiter, select the type of delimiter used.

  3. Select the Field Mappings tab.

    1. To map each Target in the snowpack manifest to their respective Source in the discovery file, select one of the following:

      • In the Mappings table, select and enter the name of the Source file columns that corresponds to each of the Target fields.

      • To load the headers from a source file, select Get headers from file. And then, in the Mappings table, select a header from the Source list for each Target field.

      • Select Map by index checkbox. Index mapping means that the fields in the source file will be identified by index (column position 0, 1, 2, etc.) instead of text (column header).

        In the Mappings table, select and enter the index number of the Source file columns that corresponds to each Target field.


        If the Has headers checkbox is cleared in the Configuration tab, the Map by index checkbox is automatically selected and is mandatory.

    2. To save the settings and close the window, select OK.

  4. After all settings are done, select OK and close the Source File Folder window.

  5. To view the result of a discovery data file read and to verify that the mappings are correct, select Preview in the main window.

  6. Optional: Enter a Site Id for this connector.