The Snow Integration Connector for CloudSphere iQSonar is used for replication of third-party inventory information into Snow License Manager. The connector collects hardware and software inventory data as well as information about Oracle database products, options, management packs and users.


A user account, assigned to a role including the RestAPI View permission. This is available as an extension to the iQSonar interface.

A supported version of CloudSphere iQSonar is required. Refer to Snow Compatibility Matrix for versions supported by the Snow Integration Connector for CloudSphere iQSonar.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are required to support the integration connector for CloudSphere iQSonar:

  • Snow Inventory Server 5 (or later) for processing of inventory data

  • Snow License Manager 8 (or later) for presentation of inventory data

Updates from older versions


Updating from an SQL-based version to the REST API-based version can result in massive computer duplicates.

If you have used the Snow Integration Manager for CloudSphere iQSonar since before version SIM 5.24.1, and if you have not used HostnameOnly mode in Snow Inventory Server properly, you have to reach out to Snow support before updating CloudSphere iQsonar.

Also refer to the Knowledge article Prevent Computer Duplicates before switching the CloudSphere iQSonar scanner from SQL to RestAPI, available on Snow Globe (requires login).