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Build a simple test workflow

To perform a simple test of the Snow License Manager Compliance lookup, it may be useful to create or modify a workflow to always trigger an approval. This is not meant to be a complete guide on how to create workflows, but just a bare minimum required to generate a basic approval request. The workflow created as a result of this instruction is meant for basic testing of the communication between ServiceNow and Snow License Manager web API only.

  1. Select WorkflowEditor from the main navigation

    A new tab with the workflow editor appears.

  2. In the list of Workflows, select an existing workflow, for example Service Catalog Request.

  3. Select the navigation icon, and then select Checkout.

  4. Adjust the workflow.

    Delete entire steps or just the connecting lines:

    • To delete a step, select Icon_X.png in the step.

    • To delete a line, select the line and then press Delete on your keyboard.

Example – Workflow Editor

In this example the following will be done:

  • Remove the IF condition for the price

  • Remove Automatic Approval

  • Replace Approval – Group with Approval – User.

  1. To remove the steps, select Icon_X.png in the steps for Price, Automatic Approval, and Catalog Request Approvers.

  2. Select the Core tab.

  3. Expand Core Activities, and the expand Approvals.

  4. Drag Approval – User to the canvas.

  5. In the New Activity: Approval – User dialog box:

    1. Type a Name of the approval step.

    2. To add yourself as an approver, select Add Me.

    3. Select Submit.

  6. To connect the new approval step with the preceding step, select the orange box in the preceding step and draw a line to the new approval step.

    A connection is created.

  7. Also, connect the Approval – User step, Approved and the Approval – User step, Rejected to respective Approval Action (Approved or Rejected).

  8. To save and publish the workflow, select the navigation icon and then select Publish.

  9. Verify that the status of the workflow is set to Published.

  10. To exit the Workflow Editor, close the browser tab.