The Snow for BMC Helix Remedy connector populates and maintains Remedy CMDB from BMC Helix ITSM with information from Snow License Manager. It connects to Snow License Manager web API and collects information on computers, users, installed software, and relationships. The information is then imported into BMC CMDB via the BMC Helix Remedy connector utilizing the REST-based API web services.

The information collected from Snow License Manager can be filtered by data type. Only information for selected data types will be transferred to BMC Helix Remedy. Filterable data types are server, desktop, laptop, applications, most frequent user on computer, and mobile devices.


To configure the BMC Helix Remedy connector, the following is required:

  • BMC Helix 20.08 with BMC Atrium 9.1.X (minimum required versions).

  • A user account with access to the BMC Helix ITSM API (see Preparations for details).

  • A user account with access to Snow License Manager web API (see Preparations for details).

  • The Snow License Manager web API must be accessible from the server where Snow Integration Manager is installed.

    This can be verified by running the following URL: http://[slm server hostname]: [port]/api.


    By default, Snow License Manager is configured on port 80. If another port is used, it must be part of the URL for Snow License Manager.

Dependencies on other Snow products

The following Snow product versions are required to support the BMC Helix Remedy connector:

  • Snow Integration Manager 5.33 or later

  • Snow License Manager 8.3.10 or later

  • Snow License Manager 9.4.0 or later