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Network discovery


This module is used for configuration of Network Discovery settings.




Set the period of time for when a new Network Discovery scan will begin after the previous scan completed (D.HH:MM:SS).

Default = 1.00:00:00

Example: With the default Interval "1.00:00:00" the next scan will start 1 day after the previous scan completed.

Note: If the value is set to less than 30 seconds, the server will use an interval of 30 seconds.

Example 19.
    <Module typeName="NetworkDiscoveryModule">
      <Setter propertyName="MaxDegreeOfConcurrency">5</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="Interval">"1.00:00:00"</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="RateLimiterMaxTotalPackets">700</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="RateLimiterMaxTotalBytes">1048576</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="RateLimiterWindow">"00:00:30"</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="RateLimiterVariance">0.02</Setter>
      <Setter propertyName="IsEnabled">true</Setter>