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The configuration files of the Snow Inventory Server and the Snow Inventory Agents are based on the XML standard format.

Site name configuration

A site name is a configuration element, often referred to as SiteName, used across all the technologies related to Snow Inventory Server and also in Snow License Manager. It usually refers to the physical location, cost center, department, or organizational position of the inventoried computer or device.

The site name is used in the configurations of Snow Inventory Server, Snow Inventory Agent, and Snow Integration Manager, and is then inherited by Snow License Manager, which can apply some business logic to it, usually to assign the computer or device to an organization.

Supported characters in site name configurations are the letters A-Z, a-z, the numbers 0-9, and the special character '.' (period). Other characters might generate issues in the processing of data.

Site names are processed without regard to capitalization of letters. For example, SITENAME and sitename are considered the same.

Server configuration

The Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager provides an administrative interface for the configuration and installation of the Snow Inventory Server.

Considering the scalability and load-balancing aspects, the Snow Inventory Server can be configured as a Master Server or a Service Gateway. Service Gateways forward all their data and requests to a Master Server for further processing, either directly or via another Service Gateway.

Snow Inventory Server can be configured to receive incoming requests both on HTTP and HTTPS protocols as per solution requirements.

The Snow Inventory Admin Console provides an overview of configuration settings, Server Endpoints, and Discovery interfaces for any configured Master Server or Service Gateway. The features like Active Directory (AD) Discovery and Network Discovery can be enabled/disabled and configured via the Admin Console.

Agent configuration

Agent configuration for all supported platforms is managed via Snow Inventory Admin Console. When an agent configuration has been changed and after confirmation by the user, the update is distributed to all targeted computers and applied automatically. For more information on agent configuration, see Configuration of Snow Inventory Agents.