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Import configuration from file

  1. In the category view, click Configurations.

  2. Click Import from file.

    The New configuration wizard appears.

On the Import page:

  1. Click Import configuration.

    The Open dialog box appears

  2. Browse to select the configuration file to import, and then click Open.


    Agent configuration templates provided via Snow Update Service (SUS) can, by default, be found in this folder on the Master Server:

    %ProgramData%\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Resources\Agent Configuration Templates

  3. Click Next.

On the General page:

  1. Type a Name of the new configuration.

  2. Type a Site name for the imported configuration, or select an existing site in the list.

  3. Click Next.

On the following pages, the information in the configuration file is displayed. Click through the pages to verify the configuration.

Click Save the save the imported configuration and close the New configuration wizard.