Manually initiate a scan

When a change has been made or if a scan needs to be run for support reasons, a scan can be manually initiated outside of the regular schedule.

In the examples that follow, sudo is used. However, sudo is not required if the user running the snowagent has access to the commands as described in Principle of least privileges.

Initiate a scan of online computers

Use the commands below to trigger the agent to start a manual scan of the current computer and send the scan result to a server endpoint as defined in the agent configuration file. A manual scan will start regardless of any schedule or other configuration. However, if there is a scan already running, a manual scan will not start.

Scan and send the scanning result:

sudo snowagent

Initiate a scan of offline computers

In scenarios where a computer is offline, or cannot communicate with a Snow Inventory Server, a one-time scan can be performed.

  1. Copy the binary files of the agent to a directory on a USB memory stick.

  2. On the offline computer to be scanned:

    1. Insert the memory stick into the USB port.

    2. In a Command Prompt window, navigate to the folder where the binary files are placed.

    3. Run the following command to make the agent perform an instant scan of the current computer:

      sudo snowagent scan

      The scan result is put in a subdirectory on the USB memory stick.

  3. Move the USB memory stick to an online computer with access to Snow Inventory.

  4. On the online computer, run the following command to make the agent send the scan result to a server endpoint, as defined in the agent configuration file:

    sudo snowagent send