Command line

The command line format for the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux is:

snowagent [options] [<command> [<arguments>]]

Some command lines require superuser privileges. To temporarily gain superuser privileges, send the command line as an argument to the command sudo.

sudo snowagent test
Table 6. Global options

Global option


-w <dir>

Override working directory otherwise inherited from shell/environment


Enable verbose mode, bump all logging to max level (enable all tags)

-c snowagent.config

Override the default location of the configuration file

-data-dir <dir>

Override data directory (regardless of configuration)

When this option is used, only the directory of inventory result file will be changed. The log file will still be placed in the default location.

-log-dir <dir>

Override log directory (regardless of configuration)

-? or -h

Print help text and exit

Table 7. Commands





Show copyright notice


Print the manifest in json format and exit


Scan the current device and create a snowpack file in the target destination (as set by configuration). This will start a scan regardless of any schedule or other configuration. It will not start a scan if there's a running scan in progress. After the scan has completed the agent will exit. The scan result is not automatically sent.


Send files from the data directory. Files that are successfully sent are deleted


Run a self-test. Check configuration and server connectivity, then exit with a 0 (if successful) otherwise with a non-zero exit code


-package <location>

Check for updates now, and install if any are found.

Use an update package from a specific location


Print the current snowagent version and exit