Install the agent

Snow Inventory Agent for Windows can be deployed either via the Snow Inventory Admin Console or via the existing deployment infrastructure, using a prepared MSI installation package.

When the agent is installed, the environment variable %SNOW_AGENT%, pointing to the Snow Inventory Agent installation folder, is created. It can be used to dynamically reference the folder from scripts or to browse for the folder in Windows Explorer.

The installed agent is started by a Windows service named Snow Inventory Agent. The service starts automatically when the computer is started. The service will be run with the LOCALSYSTEM account.

The agent consists of one executable file named snowagent.exe and one configuration file named snowagent.config. These two files are by default located in the same directory. To see a command line summary of the executable, use the following command from a command prompt:

snowagent.exe -?

If the agent files need to be copied, they can be found on the Snow Inventory server or on a computer where the agent is already installed, see Location of files.


  • When a configuration file is copied, verify that information on-site, agent configuration, and Inventory server is correct for the target computer.

  • The only supported installation location is %ProgramFiles%.

Prepare an MSI installation package

Installation packages are prepared by, and ordered from, Snow Support. When ordering the installation package, the current configuration file must be supplied. If no configuration file exists, certain information, according to the description below, must be supplied so that a new configuration file can be created.

Required information:

  • address to the Snow Inventory Server, including port number

  • site name

Optional information:

  • name of the configuration file

  • if the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner should be included

  • if previous versions of the Snow Inventory Client for Windows should be removed

Install the agent using a prepared MSI installation package

Use one of the following installation methods:

  1. Deploy the MSI installation package by using your existing deployment infrastructure.

  2. Copy the MSI installation package to any folder on the target computer and run it locally.

  3. Deploy the MSI installation package using Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO), see below.

  4. Deploy the MSI installation package using Windows logon scripts.

Deploy the MSI installation package using Active Directory GPO

The following steps will create a Group Policy that installs the agent on all computers within the Organizational Unit (OU) where the policy is created.

  1. Put the MSI package on a network share.

  2. Log on to a domain controller with a user account that has domain administrator rights.

  3. Start Group Policy Management from Start|ControlPanel|AdministrativeTools|Group Policy Management.

    If the option Group Policy Management is not available, the Group Policy Console is missing. The installation file (gpmc.msi) can be downloaded from the Microsoft webpage using the following link:

  4. Open Forest Name|Domains|DomainName|Group Policy Objects.

  5. Click on Action at the top of the page, and then click New.

    Pick a name for the policy, for example, "Snow Inventory Agent Installation".

  6. Right-click the created policy in the list, and then click Edit.

    Modify the script to match the path to the network share and the MSI package names.

  7. Click Computer Configuration|Software Settings.

  8. Right-click Software Installation, click New, and then click Package.

    Select the MSI package to be installed.

    Press OK twice to apply the changes, and close the Group Policy Object Editor.

  9. Right-click the OU that contains the target computers for the deployment, or Domain Computers  for all computers. Select Link existing GPO and then pick the Group Policy that was created (in steps 5-8)

Install the agent via Snow Inventory Admin Console

Installation via the Snow Inventory Admin Console requires network access to the target computers, and a user account with local administrator access on the target computers, typically the domain administrator account.

For detailed information on agent deployment from the Admin Console, see the step-by-step instructions for how to deploy an agent in Admin Console for Snow Inventory Server.

Install the agent via logon scripts or manually

The agent can be installed by copying a couple of the agent files. Installation can be performed via logon scripts, or manually using the Command Prompt window.

The following agent files are required:

  • snowagent.exe

  • snowagent.config


For manual installation, local administrator access is required on the target computer.

  1. Copy the agent files to the target computer.

  2. In the Command Prompt window, navigate to the folder where the agent files are copied.

  3. Run the following command to install the Snow Inventory Agent in the default location (C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent):

    snowagent.exe install
  4. Copy snowagent.config to the default location.

  5. In the Command Prompt window, navigate to the default location and start the Windows service:

    snowagent.exe start
  6. The installation is completed.

    Since the files that were originally copied to the target computer are no longer needed, they can be removed.

Uninstall the agent

As a general recommendation, use the same method for removal of the agent as was used for the installation.

Uninstall via Active Directory GPO

The method for removal of software using a Group Policy Object depends on the deployment tool that has been implemented in the organization. For removal of the agent, refer to the organization’s general process for software removal.

Uninstall via Windows Installer

The agent can be removed from a computer by using the Windows Installer. In this way, both the Windows service and all related files will be removed.

  1. On the computer, open the Control Panel and select Programs and Features.

  2. In the list of currently installed programs, select and hold Snow Inventory Agent and select Uninstall.

Manually uninstall the agent

The agent can be uninstalled from a computer by running a command from a command prompt. From Snow Inventory Agent for Windows version 5.2.4 this command will only remove the Windows agent service; all related files will remain on the system until they are manually removed.

To perform a complete uninstallation of the Windows service and related files, use the Uninstall via Windows Installer or the Uninstall via Active Directory GPO.

Location of files

The table below shows the locations of the agent files and the log files.

File name




%ProgramFiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent

The Snow Inventory Agent executable file


%ProgramFiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent

The Snow Inventory Agent configuration file


%ProgramFiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\data

The inventory result file


%ProgramFiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\data

The Snow Inventory Agent log file


%ProgramFiles%\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent

The Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner binary file