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Configure the scan schedule

In Unix, it is recommended to configure the Snow Inventory Agent to run at a given interval using the scheduler, i.e. crontab (or similar), to perform inventory, and transfer the result file to the Snow Inventory endpoint.

In the following example from root crontab file, the agent will run every day at 1:15 AM:

15 1 * * * nice -n 10 java -jar /opt/snow/snowagent.jar --config /opt/snow/snowagent.config

For business-critical environments, the agent can be scheduled to run within the regular service maintenance windows for the servers.

Ideally, an inventory agent should be configured not to disturb or consume system resources that are needed for business-critical applications running on the server. To achieve this in a Unix environment one would typically use the nice program to set the process priority to low. In the example, niceness is set to 10, but can be set to any suitable value.