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Configure the scanner

You can configure Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner via the Oracle element in the Agent configuration file, see Agent configuration file.

You can make additional configurations to the scanner by using the sios.config file, which can be included in the installation package. You only have to include the file in the installation package if you want to customize any of the parameters in the configuration file. If the file is not included, the scanner will execute the scan with the default values.

The sios.config file contains the following elements and default values:


The available configurations via the sios.config file, as well as other configurations of Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner, are described in the following sections.

Configure the scanner to work with forced change of CWD on OS user logon

Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner creates a temporary working directory that it uses during the scan. If your company has, for example, a custom file system security setup that changes the CWD (Current Working Directory) on OS user logon, the user will be navigated out of the temporary directory and the scan will fail to execute, if you are using the default configuration of the scanner.

To be able to run the scanner in combination with a security policy as described above, use the below configuration in the sios.config file. With the configuration, the scanner will navigate from the CWD to the correct temporary working directory after the OS user logon.


The configuration should be used when the following circumstances apply:

  • The scanner is executed with full privileges (root).

  • The environment that the scanner is executed on has a custom login script that changes the CWD when using the switch user command (su) under Linux and Unix.

The configuration will not affect the execution of the scanner in a Windows environment.

The default value is "DEFAULT" and is used in all other circumstances than the one described above.

Configure DBA group name

Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner uses the DBA group name "dba" by default. To make the scanner use a custom DBA group name instead, use the following configuration in the sios.config file:

    <CommonOSGroup>[custom dba group name]</CommonOSGroup>


All operating system users that are running database instances should be members of the group.

Schedule the scan

Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner is executed as part of the Snow Inventory Agent's inventory process. Therefore, there is no separate configuring of the scan schedule for the scanner; it follows the scan schedule of the agent.

For information on the scanning process of each agent and how to configure the scan schedule, see Snow Inventory Agent for Linux, Snow Inventory Agent for Unix, and Snow Inventory Agent for Windows.