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Oracle database products

The Snow Inventory Agents for Linux, Unix, and Windows can perform inventory of Oracle database products. Automatic discovery and inventory of all Oracle instances on the computer is achieved by Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS).

To enable the Oracle scan, the Oracle element in the agent configuration file must be configured. When the Oracle scan is enabled, the agent will be triggered to run Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner as part of the inventory process, and automatically perform an inventory of all Oracle database instances found.

Configure path to Java executable

If multiple versions of Java are installed on a computer and the Java version available in the default path is not supported by Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner, you can specify the location of a Java installation other than the default one by using the setting env.java_home in the System settings element of the agent configuration file. The agent will then try to run Java using the specified path to the executable.

The setting is applicable to the Windows and Linux agents. The setting is not applicable to the Unix agent, since it uses the Java on which it is running itself.

The Windows agent must be configured with the path to the installation directory only, not the complete path to the java.exe binary.

Example 73.

If Java.exe is installed at c:\Program Files\jre-8\bin\java.exe, the setting should read:

    <Setting key="env.java_home" = "c:\Program Files\jre-8" />

On Linux, the setting must include the full path to the java binary.

Example 74.

    <Setting key="env.java_home" = "/usr/local/jre-8/java" />