Snow Update Service (SUS)

The Snow Update Service (SUS) provides the updated application definitions and ruleset generated by the DIS service to the Snow Inventory Server and the Snow License Manager servers in the customer’s implementation.

The SUS service has a client component running on both the Snow Inventory Server and the Snow License Manager servers. On the Snow Inventory Server server, the updates for the SaaS application definitions and ruleset are downloaded by the Snow Update Service service once a day on a set time, calculated randomly at the service startup to balance the workload on the cloud service.

The scheduled time for the next update is stored in the registry key SOFTWARE\Snow Software\Snow Update Service\ResourceDictionary. The scheduled time can be changed by restarting the service, but the time is set randomly.

The downloaded content is stored in the %ProgramData%\SnowSoftware\Inventory\Resources\DIS Rules folder as one or more .esbt files, for the Snow Inventory Server to process at a later time.

On the Snow License Manager server, the updated SaaS application definitions are downloaded as part of the Software Recognition updates.